I struggle every time I try to write about myself. I don’t like to focus on myself. Maybe that’s why I have chosen to document the lives of others, to tell the stories of their best and worst moments and everything between.

When I realized I love making pictures more than anything else, I felt it was too selfish because it was what I loved to do. How could I help anyone with photography? When I discovered photojournalism I found my answer. I found a way to educate and hopefully open readers’ eyes to the world in ways they may not have seen it before. 

My desire above all is to tell stories which would otherwise not be told. I strive every day to uphold the legacy female photojournalists have built as compassionate and intimate storytellers. 

Photo by Melissa Lyttle

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Lisa Krantz

San Antonio, TX



Photos Copyright 2000 Lisa Krantz, Naples Daily News and San Antonio-Express News